Potential fields applied to

petroleum & mineral exploration


Alan Reid started Reid Geophysics in 1999, after 30 years in the academic world, the mining industry and working for petroleum and mineral exploration consulting companies. Tim Archer joined in 2014 as a Director. We are the UK agent for Intrepid Software and a partner in GeoIntrepid. The company is based in the UK and works worldwide.

Reid Geophysics offers geophysical consulting services aiming to maximise the value of gravity, magnetic and electromagnetic data for:

  1. Petroleum exploration

  2. Mineral exploration

  3.   Environmental investigations

The services include:

  1. Survey design and commissioning

  2. Survey & processing QC

  3. Geophysical data processing

  4. Data enhancement for geological structure

  5. Modelling & interpretation

  6. Training - formal & informal

  7. Bespoke R&D

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